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        Guangzhou SUPE Chemical Coating Co., Ltd., was formed in 1984. In December 2013, SUPE officially became a subsidiary of Nippon Paint China, who is a member of NIPSEA Group since 1992. In 1986, the organic floor coatings technology was introduced to the mainland by SUPE. After years of development, SUPE has become a leading enterprise in China's architectural coatings industry with manufacture, sale and construction businesses of floor coatings materials, polyurea materials, MMA materials and other anti-corrosion, water-proofing materials. SUPE has diverse coating systems, which are widely used in the surface protection of construction and equipment. SUPE is one of the most popular brand in the floor coatings market, and our products are used by a number of famous international enterprises and in a lots of large infrastructure projects. We consider NIPSEA Group’s "Lean For Growth (LFG) " as the core value idea, and strive to inculcate a value-driven cost consciousness to all levels of staff, dedicate to research and produce enviromental friendly products, to become a sustainable development enterprises, and to improve the real growth within ourselves to bring greater value to the customer.
        SUPE headquarters is located in Panyu, Guangzhou, and we have three production bases which is located in Guangdong Wengyuan, Shanghai Pudong and Hebei Langfang, respectively. Meanwhile, we have Five wholly-owned subsidiaries: Guangzhou SUPE Chemical (Wengyuan) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou SUPE Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai SUPE Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai SUPE Decoration Co., Ltd., Beijing SUPE Decoration Co., Ltd.
        SUPE attach great importance to the exploration, introduction and cultivation of talents. We have a high-quality team, the research and development level is always in the forefront of the industry, and successfully developed a series of high-level floor coatings, polyurea materials, MMA materials and other new materials. SUPE possesses a number of national patents, and passes the achievement identification of Ministry of Construction Science and Technology, and is the main draft unit of the national standard of floor coatings and polyurea materials.
        2015, a year of re-sail for SUPE. In this year, in order to adapt the trend of market subdivide, SUPE intensify the brand connotation, upgrade brand building,  constantly pursuit environmental friendly and innovation technology, research and develop more and more products for the subdivide market. Meanwhile, SUPE constantly intensify the depth of cooperation with dealers, meet the diverse needs of customers, and provide better quality service for dealers and customers, in order to lead the development of the floor coating industry, to implement marketing strategic transformation of our company, and to commitment to become a efficiency service providers in all aspects of the floor coatings industry.
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